Sydney Angel members are active investors with interests across a range of industries, stage of development and level of traction in the market. The investments made to date are listed below. A number have done second rounds within the Sydney Angel process and attracted funding from the Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund.










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Hungry Giant

Hungry Giant differ from most waste companies because they actually DO divert waste from landfill. Other companies need to collect as much volume as possible and they charge you for this. Volume-based waste collection is extremely profitable for other waste  companies – they can effectively charge you for picking up AIR! This means both you and the environment don’t get the best deal – your waste ends up unnecessarily in landfill.


Monitor what is being said about your company, products and people on Online News, Blogs, Forums, Video Sites like YouTube, and Social Media including Twitter, Facebook and millions of websites online.

BuzzNumbers was acquired by Sentia Media (owners of Media Monitors) in August 2012.

Drive My Car Rentals

DriveMyCar Rentals (DMCR) is web based service that promotes and facilitates private car rentals, also known as peer-to-peer car sharing. The DMCR platform connects Drivers with Car Owners willing to rent out their car. By renting privately, Car Owners can offset some or all of the fixed costs of car ownership. The benefits of the service extend to Drivers as well, giving them access to the largest range of private use vehicles in Australia, with savings of up to 80%, compared to traditional car rental prices. Offering over 40 car makes across short & long term periods, the company fills a gap in the market not currently serviced by the car rental or automotive leasing sector.

HEARD Systems

Produce a ‘real-time any time’ handheld device suitable for farmers or contractors to pregnancy test cows on farm. The product incorporates a radio frequency identification reader for cattle ear-tags, and integrates with farm software and websites to provide useful and timely reproductive data.


Posse helps bands reward their fans for being their best promoters. Help out your favourite bands, festivals and venues, to earn all kinds of rewards. By promoting what you’re passionate about, spreading the news to your friends and acquaintances, you’ll earn the respect of the band you love, a bit of cash on the side, and rewards that money can’t buy.

Big Richard

Big Richard is a new Australian condom brand, and the first to target the youth market through branding and alternate distribution channels.

Bubble Gum Interactive

Bubble Gum Interactive is an independent children’s entertainment studio based in Sydney, Australia. Founded by kids entertainment veterans, Bubble Gum combines world-class storytelling with innovative technology that help kids discover every day. Their first game is the multi-award winning virtual world for kids “Space Heroes Universe!”, serving a high growth global market segment. Available in 13 languages, Space Heroes Universe provides an age-appropriate and safe environment for kids to explore, make new friends and have fun online. Bubble Gum Interactive is now bringing mobile games to market for Google Android and Apple iOS.

Thread People

Thread People is a website that specialise in moving end of season stock through discreet channels, cutting costs in both warehousing and logistics.

Thread People was acquired in 2012 for an undisclosed amount.


The first mass market physical to digital content network using NFC as the enabler. “Tapit” is the act of tapping your phone to one of our near field communication (NFC) tags to receive content and/or offers. Tapit is expert in NFC Marketing, the simplest way to get content on your phone with just a gentle tap. Tapit focuses on NFC Marketing for large brands via our relationships with innovative media agencies across Asia Pacific.

Native Signal

Native Signal seeks to be the world’s leading provider of electronic advertising and community services for migrant communities. Native signal bring information services to ethnic communities. It provides a convenient, fun and easy way for community members to connect with each other and to access a community information.

Atomo Diagnostics

Atomo Diagnostics is an Australian based medical technology company commercialising a range of integrated devices for use in rapid diagnostic testing. Atomo Diagnostics’ core competencies are in the development of user friendly devices that provide improved reliability and ease of use. Atomo Diagnostics’ aim is to improve rapid point of care testing through the creation of products that are simple to use and can take the detection of a range of diseases out of the laboratory and into homes, doctor’s offices and outreach clinics.


The evolution of the web has changed the way people find, consume, share, discover and connect with products. Today, businesses need a new kind of solution that re-invents how people access seats & prices directly on the website or through distribution, ways that enhance the value of the business content. Rezdy is a platform that embraces what is best about the web, serving the needs of the next generation Tour & Activities Operators and resellers.


The idea behind Wyngle is to offer an unbeatable opportunity to save and enjoy the world’s top brands & products. Unlike any other site in the world, every time you purchase you have the excitement of potentially paying just $1. At Wyngle we call this Ratio Shopping, because every item on the site has a ratio that predetermines the odds of paying the great price or just $1.


Tapestry is a small technology company with the grand vision of enriching the lives of people of all ages across the world, by helping them stay connected to their families, their friends and their communities.

Clarity Pharmaceuticals

Clarity is focused on developing PET radiopharmaceuticals using technology licensed from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the University of Melbourne. Clarity offers the chelators and imaging services to external parties who require PET imaging. Clarity has access to world-class infrastructure and researchers in the field of nuclear medicine. Our niche is the field of theranostics and companion diagnostics. We focus on biological molecules with longer clearance rates than small molecule drugs. Our internal research programs are focused on PET based companion diagnostics and radio-immunotherapeutics.

Ninja Blocks

Ninja Blocks are tiny cloud enabled computers that can sense their environment by receiving input from a variety of sensors & can affect their surroundings by controlling lights, power sockets, and other actuators. At the heart of Ninja Blocks is an Open Hardware philosophy that makes our electronics schematics, case designs and source code available to developers and students so that they can learn from them and submit suggestions and modifications.

Happy Inspector

At Happy Inspector, we take traditional pen and paper based inspections and make them digital. Whether you are inspecting residential real estate, commercial buildings, cruise ships, ski resorts, food and safety or fire safety inspections; our products and mobile apps help make the process easier, faster, professional and more transparent.


Make money towards costs every time you drive. Find unique cheap and green travel that is more social and more fun! Drivers or passengers, commuters or travelers, check Jayride to travel by carpool, bus, relocation and more!


StageBitz is the first web-based system to provide you with total control over project and inventory management for all the props, scenery and other bitz you work with every day. We’re an Australian company who are trying to make a difference to the entertainment industry.

Ghermez Cupcakes

Ghermez means “Red” in Persian. Our name reflects the passion and love we feel for a business that is based on a foundation of quality, high level of service, and a desire to offer an extraordinary culinary and retail experience.


Venuemob makes it super simple to find, compare and book function venues for your next event. Whether if you are looking for 21st venues, wedding venues, event venues or conference venues – we’ve got your venue hire needs covered with a hand-picked selection of Australia’s best bars, restaurants, reception centres and function rooms.

International Bodyboarding Association

The International Bodyboarding Association is the governing society of international bodyboarding. It is the IBA which promotes the World Tour, the international world bodyboarding tour.

Moda Unica

Pets are our passion, and it seems we’re not alone. People around the world are so passionate about their pets, it’s an industry worth $100 billion. What’s interesting is there’s a huge gap in the market. Not only is there a lack of established brands extending products into the pet world, but there’s no one lead company acting as the go between to help them enter the market.



TheBestDay makes it easy for people to bring their group together and helps businesses secure valuable group bookings.



Workible is a mobile user and enterprise platform that allows those in the flexible workforce to find better people faster.



Critical Arc is disrupting traditional security and safety systems by putting a command and control system in the pocket of every responder.



Delivering students better high school grades.



State of the art mobile payment & job dispatch platform successfully disrupting Australia’s $4.5bil taxi industry.



Zenogen’s electro-catalyst technology significantly reduces the cost of gas production via electrolysis.



An intuitive & intelligent digital booking platform for artists, venues & everyone in-between via a socially interconnecting book button.

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Nexus eWater

Nexus has developed the world’s first practical in-home water recycling and energy recycling system which saves 40% of home water use and 12% of home energy use.